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Andrew plays exclusively on B&S instruments

Versatility is the cornerstone  of my career. Having the right gear for the job makes life much easier and the job much more fun.

B&S trumpets offer me the flexibility I need.

My Challenger II Bb and C trumpets both with standard lead pipes are the workhorses I rely on in the orchestra. 

My beautiful gold Elaboration has an ultra responsive lightweight bell, giving the sizzle and edge I need for lead trumpet work in the Big Band.

The latest edition to my stable is my beloved Exquisite Bb with a slightly smaller bore and lightweight bell. This is superb for recording or close mic'd theatre work.

My two Eb trumpets compliment each other perfectly; one a medium bore Eb and the other a large bore 4 valved Eb trumpet with a super heavy bell whose sound could easily be mistaken for a Bb. This is a great instrument for quintet and 10 piece work - I love it!

My piccolo is a large bore, heavier weight than most with the most glorious sound; pure gold (not literally!).

Bb Trumpets

3138/2 - Elaboration - Lightweight Big Band horn

3137/2 - Heavier weight orchestral horn

EXB - Exquisite - Small bore horn

C Trumpet

3136/2 - Heavier weight large bore orchestral horn

Eb Trumpets

3116/2 - light weight Eb and D interchangeable bell

3117JH - Heavy weight Eb and E 4 valve interchangeable bell

Piccolo Trumpet

3131/2 - Heavier weight large bore

Flugel Horn

3146/2 - Compact small bore jazz flugel

3145 - Larger bore classical flugel

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